The Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Extensions in Montreal: Prices, Care, and Top Salons

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When it comes to enhancing your natural beauty, nothing quite compares to the transformative power of eyelash extensions. This popular beauty treatment has been taking Montreal by storm, providing a convenient and glamorous way to elevate your everyday look. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle enhancement with classic eyelash extensions, or you’re seeking the drama of superstar lash extensions, the city’s salons have something to suit everyone’s style.

Eyelash Extensions Montreal: Prices and Costs

The cost of eyelash extensions in Montreal varies depending on the type of extensions and the salon. For a volume full set, you can expect to pay around $200, while a hybrid full set generally costs about $180. If you’re interested in a mega volume set, it could set you back approximately $80​1​. At other salons, the initial price for eyelash extensions can range from $140 to $150, and refills are priced between $45 and $60​2. For those on a budget, don’t fret! Deals can be found at places like Reimagine Clinic, where they often offer promotions such as a full set of eyelash extensions for only $100​3​. Remember, investing in your lashes isn’t just about the cost, it’s about the quality of service and the longevity of your extensions.

Eyelash Extensions: Pre-care Instructions

The key to a successful and long-lasting set of eyelash extensions begins even before your appointment. To ensure the best possible adhesion of your lash extensions, it’s crucial to arrive at your appointment with a clean face and no mascara. Wearing mascara to the appointment means the lash technician will have to spend extra time thoroughly cleaning your lashes, which could take away from the time dedicated to applying your extensions​4​.

Eyelash Extensions: Aftercare Tips

Taking care of your eyelash extensions post-appointment is just as important as the pre-care. Here are some essential tips to make your extensions last longer:
  1. Wash your lashes regularly using an oil-free lash shampoo and a soft cleaning brush.
  2. Schedule regular fills every 2-3 weeks to keep your lashes looking full and fresh.
  3. Groom your lashes daily with a disposable makeup wand.
  4. Avoid oil-based products near the eye; opt for water-based products instead. Oil-based products can break down the lash extension glue.
  5. Steer clear of eyelash curlers which can damage the extensions.
  6. Do not pull on your lashes.
  7. Don’t panic if you shed a few extensions every day. This is normal, and regular fills will address this​4​.


Montreal is home to many salons offering a variety of eyelash extension services. Whether you’re interested in a natural-looking lash extension, a hybrid lash extension, or a volume eyelash extension, there’s an option for you. If you’re in the market for the best eyelash extensions Montreal has to offer, consider stopping by Reimagine Clinic for a quality service at a great price. Remember, the goal isn’t just to have longer lashes, but to enhance your natural beauty and elevate your look. Whether you’re new to the world of eyelash extensions or a seasoned pro, we hope this guide has been helpful. Just remember, taking care of your lashes is just as important as picking the right eyelash extension salon.

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