Radio Frequency Face lift & Body Contouring Training

learn all about the non-invasive training that gives you some of the best results after 6 treatments

Thank you for your interest in our Radio Frequency Skin Tighting & Body Contouring course. Reimagine clinic is committed to offering the highest quality training using the most innovative technology.


No prerequisite are required for this course.

Course Length

Theory part is done at home by the student, and they come for the practice in person for 4-6h.

Course cost

799$ + TPS/TVQ

Registration Fee

A 300$ plus tax (344.93$ total) registration fee is required to be enrolled in this course. It must be sent by e-transfer to [email protected]

radio frequency diploma description

Our training consists of a one day program which will address fundamental theory and hands-on skills. Learn to offer clients advanced aesthetic treatments using radio frequency technology.  With medical aesthetic treatments growing in popularity this class ensures you are able to offer your clients innovative, non-invasive and painless treatments to tighten, tone and contour all area of the face and body. Upon completion you will enter Reimagine Clinic’s mentorship program to ensure confidence in being able to offer solutions to a wide range of skin concerns and ensure you can deliver reliable, impressive and lasting results.

Reimagine clinic offers this course to Estheticians, facial specialists, cosmetologists, and retailers. No prerequisites are required.


  • Anatomy and Physiology The Skin
  • Client Consultation
  • RF Contra-Indications
  • Introduction professional core subjects
  • Features and benefits of RF face lifts
  • Science of Radiofrequency Face lifts
  • Integrating other treatments with RF facelifts
  • Aftercare and treatment planning
  • Importance of hydration and electrolyte balance for health and skin
  • Body dysmorphia discussion. Importance of mental health in beauty
  • Radiofrequency facelift practical checklist
  • Radiofrequency facelift practical demonstration
  • Sanitization
  • Instructor demonstration (live model)
  • Student application  (live model)
  • Marketing tips and tricks
  • Notes
  • Consent form
  • On going support

Why enroll in a training at reimagine clinic

Reimagine clinic facials montreal

Knowledge is Key

The radio frequency training is given by a master esthetician in order to make your learning process efficient . After the course, you will be able to treat clients directly and accumulate profit.

Reimagine clinic facials montreal


Our courses are offered in English and French.

Reimagine clinic facials montreal

Provided Material

All our trainings comes with the materials you need in order to offer this treatment to your clients. We tell you the suppliers you can reach out to.

Reimagine clinic facials montreal

Live model

During your training, you will be able to practice on a live model to hone your skills for a non-invasive treatment.

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Completely certified

You will be able to get the insurance you require for this certificate with our trusted insurance partners.

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Manual and consent

A manual is given to you and as well as a consent form that you can modify to serve your business needs.


The training is over one day of 6-8. The goal of this course is that you finish the training and are able to offer a professional radio frequency treatment without any issue and are able to answer all your clients questions about their skin. 

This training has two modules!

The theory module part and practice module where you will learn all there is about radio frequency and you will greatly learn about the skin as well.

No pre-requisite is required, you can start your esthetician journey in the beauty world right away and still be insured with our insurance company. 

Yes, you can bring your own model like a family member or a friend but if you don’t have any models then we provide you with one.

Yes, you will need to make an initial payment of 500$ in order to book your spot and the remaining balance will be paid on the day of the training at the start of the session. 

We make sure that our students are comfortable and we are available for them if they have any questions. That is why we only take two students per training and no more. We maintain a quality based training in order to make sure you are satisfied with your training.

The kit includes the machine that you will need in order to start giving this training. 

Actual Results

radio frequency results montreal
radio frequency results montreal

Warning: These photos are published for reference only to provide information on the nature of the treatment. They do not constitute a guarantee of results.

radio frequency results montreal

Total cost of course 799$

radio frequency training montreal

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