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If you’re in Montreal and looking to start a career in the beauty industry, consider training at Reimagine Clinic. This state-of-the-art clinic offers a range of training programs designed to help aspiring aesthetic professionals gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the industry.

At Reimagine Clinic, training programs are led by experienced and certified practitioners who are experts in their field. These skilled professionals provide hands-on training and classroom instruction, covering topics such as sanitation and sterilization, color theory, and the business aspects of running a successful aesthetic practice.

One of the standout training programs offered at Reimagine Clinic is microblading. This specialized program teaches aspiring aesthetic professionals the techniques and skills needed to perform the semi-permanent makeup treatment known as microblading. 

In addition to microblading, Reimagine Clinic also offers training programs in a range of other beauty services, including lash lifting, microneedling and permanent makeup. These programs provide aspiring aesthetic professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to start their own successful beauty business.

Overall, Reimagine Clinic is the perfect choice for anyone in Montreal looking to start a career in the beauty industry. With expert practitioners and state-of-the-art training programs, this clinic can help aspiring aesthetic professionals gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Our courses

Weather you want to start your beauty business right now or you want to add a service to your menu then you are at the right place as reimagine clinic’s training offers you that and more. 

“Don't dream of winning. train for it.”

One of the greatest training experiences i've had was at reimagine clinic. Their training center is amazing and all the knowledge I have received over those days was the best one yet. They truly know what they are talking about.

A beautifully designed training that will start your journey right away. Reimagine clinic dermaplaning training in Montreal and Laval is tailored to new or advanced students. 

The most in demand facial over the last 10 years, open your business today with reimagine clinic’s microneedling training. 

Teeth whitening Training

The teeth whitening training in Montreal and Laval is designed for ultimate client satisfaction. Our products are highly used by the best in the industry and we offer guaranteed teeth whitening to all your clients.


Radiofrequency (RF) therapy, also called radiofrequency skin tightening, is a nonsurgical method of tightening your skin.

The procedure involves using energy waves to heat the deep layer of your skin known as your dermis. This heat stimulates the production of collagen.

Collagen is the most common protein in your body. It creates the framework of your skin and gives your skin its firmness.

Basi facials training – Learning about the skin first and foremost is the best thing you can do when you start your beauty career. At our esthetic center in montreal, this basic facial course will teach you all about the skin in details as you will need this knowledge for every other course.

Our BB Glow training is far different than market sold BB Glow. Our Mesowhite Brightening serum was designed by Koreans that was the original makers of the treatment and the ones to perfect it as well. We are not using a foundation which is the BB Glow sold on the market. We are using one BB glow bulb and one whitening bulb for all. It is the ultimate beauty treatment for your skin. Making it brighter, smoothing imperfections and pores and removing discolored areas on the face.

Dermaplaning training – At Reimagine Clinic we focus more towards classroom Training because it is the ideal way to learn dermaplaning. Our Certified Trainers are esthetics professionals with their own practices in addition to their work with Dermaplaning facial over many years. They provide the coaching that is necessary to ensure student success. Plus, our signature steps-to-success progression will help you become comfortable and confident with dermaplaning basics in just a few hours. Working in partners, you will give and receive a complete dermaplaning facial during the class or you can bring your own model.

Facial extraction training – For the trained esthetician, facial extractions are a simple and effective procedure often performed as part of a facial. But facial extractions performed improperly can cause more harm than good. This is because the pore wall can become damaged, thus spreading bacteria and resulting in more breakouts, as well as creating the potential for infection and inflammation.

We offer advanced techniques can involve using the fingers to manipulate the skin around the impacted follicle, which forces the plug to be expelled. Pressure is applied with the fingers at different angles around the impacted pore until the plug is expelled.

Hydra dermabrasion training – You will learn an advanced, medical-grade resurfacing treatment that clears out pores and hydrates the skin. This non-invasive treatment utilizes different hand pieces with multiple technologies. Its many benefits include skin hydration, brightness, plumping, and a clearer complexion. It improves the signs of aging by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, while increasing firmness, evening skin tone, texture and brown spots. This treatment appeals to all ages, complexions, and skin concerns.

Meso kissed lips consists of using ampoules with different colors and adding a beautiful loop to your lips. They are perfect with people that already have a beautiful color and wants to add a little bit more vibrance and it doesn’t lasts long like lip blush. Which is perfect if you simply one beautiful lips for a short period of time.

Lip Blushing is the revolutionary way to enhance, rejuvenate and add instant color to your clients lips. Focusing on contour and creating the illusion of volume. It also adds youthfulness. Over time or due to injectables, the lips can become lighter and lose natural pigmentation. The course is designed to give you the theory knowledge and the hands on experience you need to succeed. High in demand, Lip blushing is the latest technique of creating the most natural lip pigmentation. The Lip Blushing technique will restore, enhance and add color to the lips.

This comprehensive Microblading Training course taught in Montreal and Laval, includes but is not limited to, Eyebrow Shaping, Brow Mapping, Color Theory, and Hair Stroke Patterns. With over 10 years of Microblading eyebrow artistry experience, Reimagine Clinic has worked hard to develop custom technique and unique education style. Upon completion of the Microblading Course, students will be certified and prepared to work with clients. This course is the perfect addition to any esthetics skill set and will help to expand your clientele and in turn grow your reputation! Our Microblading Certification is a must-have for any make-up artist or esthetician.

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