Semi-Permanent Makeup Training

Our Semi-Permanent Makeup training is offered to our Montreal and Laval clients. A course designed to make you a permanent makeup expert. 

Semi-Permanent Makeup Level 1 Training (Microblading, Ombre brows and Hybrid brows)


Esthetics diploma or laser hair removal diploma

Course Length

Theory part is done at home by the student and in class, and they come for the practice in person for 6-8h. 4 day training.

Private or semi-private training

You will either be alone on the day of the training or paired with one other trainee, making our academy one of the few in Montreal to offer this level of personalized attention.

Course cost

3499$ + TPS/TVQ

Registration Fee

A 500$ plus tax (574.86$ total) registration fee is required to be enrolled in this course. It must be sent by e-transfer to

Revenue Quebec Tax Credit

All our trainings are tax deductible like a school. Properly registered schools will need to give you a form with their established school number in order to get the rebate. In Reimagine Clinic, we do exactly that.

Semi-Permanent Makeup Level 2 Training (Microblading, Ombre brows and Hybrid brows, lip blush and dark lips neutralization)


Esthetics diploma or laser hair removal diploma

Course Length

Theory part is done at home by the student and in class, and they come for the practice in person for 6-8h. 6 day training.

All the materials are provided

You get your training manual, you get all the material you will need to complete your training, and you will get consent forms that you can modify to your business needs.

Course cost

5249$ + TPS/TVQ

Registration Fee

A 500$ plus tax (574.86$ total) registration fee is required to be enrolled in this course. It must be sent by e-transfer to

Revenue Quebec Tax Credit

All our trainings are tax deductible like a school. Properly registered schools will need to give you a form with their established school number in order to get the rebate. In Reimagine Clinic, we do exactly that.

Semi-Permanent makeup certificate description

Welcome to Reimagine Clinic, Montreal’s premier destination for professional semi-permanent makeup training. Whether you’re a budding artist eager to learn the basics or a seasoned professional aspiring to refine your skills, our comprehensive courses are designed to cater to your educational needs. By offering a rich learning experience that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application, we empower beauty enthusiasts and professionals alike to unlock their full potential and thrive in the ever-evolving world of permanent cosmetics.

Discover Our Training Programs

Why Reimagine Clinic?

Choosing the right academy for your semi-permanent makeup education is crucial, and at Reimagine Clinic, we’re dedicated to providing a training experience that stands out. Our courses, led by industry experts, are structured to provide an in-depth understanding of the latest techniques and trends. With a strong emphasis on hands-on training, our students gain the confidence and expertise necessary to pursue a successful career in semi-permanent makeup.

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our modern facilities are equipped with the latest semi-permanent makeup technology, ensuring our students are trained using advanced equipment and techniques.
  • Experienced Instructors: Learn from the best! Our instructors are industry veterans with years of experience in permanent cosmetics. Their wealth of knowledge offers students an invaluable insight into real-world applications.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: From fundamental theory to advanced techniques, our curriculum covers all aspects of semi-permanent makeup. With us, you’ll learn everything from skin anatomy to color theory and proper aftercare protocols.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We adhere to the highest standards of safety and hygiene, preparing our students to confidently comply with all health regulations and professional guidelines.

Our semi-Premier Permanent Makeup Training Programs

At Reimagine Clinic, we understand that each aspiring permanent makeup artist has unique needs and goals. That’s why we’ve designed two comprehensive levels of training to suit everyone from beginners to more advanced practitioners. Dive into the artistry of microblading, ombre brows, hybrid brows, and more, with our expertly crafted programs.

Level 1 Training: Foundations of semi-Permanent Makeup

Microblading Mastery

Begin your journey with one of the most sought-after skills in the beauty industry: microblading. This course lays a solid foundation, introducing you to the precise art of creating stunning, natural-looking eyebrows. You’ll learn everything from drawing perfect brow shapes to mastering hair-like strokes.

Ombre Brows Brilliance

Discover the secrets of delivering beautifully shaded ombre brows that offer a soft, filled-in look. This module focuses on techniques for creating a seamless gradient effect, a skill that’s high in demand.

Hybrid Brows Technique

Combine the sharpness of microblading with the softness of ombre shading in our hybrid brows training. This course will teach you to create a versatile, textured look that can be customized to each client’s preferences.

Level 2 Training: Advanced Artistry in Permanent Makeup

Comprehensive Lip Blush Techniques

Enhance your skill set by learning the art of lip blush tattooing. This course covers everything from basic lip anatomy to advanced techniques for achieving a natural, rosy color.

Explore Lip Blush Training

Dark Lips Neutralization Mastery

Tackle the challenge of neutralizing hyperpigmentation in lips with our specialized training module. Learn the science of color correction and the art of pigment selection to transform dark lips into a neutral base for flawless lip blush application.

Each level is meticulously structured to ensure a gradual and comprehensive learning experience. By the end of your chosen program, you’ll possess not only the technical skills but also the confidence to set your services apart in the competitive field of permanent makeup.

Ready to Transform Your Career?

Don’t wait any longer to invest in your future. Contact Reimagine Clinic at 438-686-8460 or click here to start your journey in the rewarding world of permanent makeup. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to advance your existing skills, our courses are designed to equip you with the expertise needed to soar in this vibrant industry.


Level 1: Foundations of Permanent Makeup

  • Microblading Mastery:

    • Eyebrow mapping for symmetry and personalized design.
    • Proper handling of microblading tools and equipment.
    • Techniques for achieving realistic hair-like strokes.
    • Pigment selection based on skin tone and hair color.
    • Client consultation, consent, and aftercare protocols.
  • Ombre Brows Brilliance:

    • Understanding the gradient effect and its application.
    • Transitioning techniques for soft and natural shading.
    • Needle selection and configuration for optimal results.
    • Skin depth and pressure control for uniform shading.
    • Maintenance and touch-up strategies.
  • Hybrid Brows Technique:

    • Combining microblading and shading for a 3D effect.
    • Customization techniques for various brow shapes and preferences.
    • Adjustment methods for color, density, and gradient.
    • Healing process management and aftercare.

Level 2: Advanced Artistry in Permanent Makeup

  • Comprehensive Lip Blush Techniques:

    • Lip anatomy and the importance of symmetry.
    • Color theory for lip blush application.
    • Techniques for outlining, shading, and blending.
    • Managing client discomfort and aftercare.
    • Touch-up procedures and color refresh protocols.
  • Dark Lips Neutralization Mastery:

    • Understanding lip hyperpigmentation causes and types.
    • Advanced color theory for pigment correction.
    • Techniques for safe pigment application on sensitive lip tissue.
    • Post-treatment care for enhanced healing and pigment retention.
    • Case studies and practical examples for real-world application.

Esthetics Treatment Revenue Calculator

Master Instructor

If you are a student looking for a course, Reimagine Clinic offers personalized care using advanced technology to create a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs, leading to optimal results. Their team of experienced professionals is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of care, using state-of-the-art equipment, and continuously updating their skills to provide outcomes that enhance both your appearance and confidence.

Best Technologies

Reimagine Clinic offers the best technologies in their courses and guides students to get them. Their training programs are meticulously designed to equip budding aesthetic professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the industry. The courses cover a wide range of topics, from the fundamentals of sanitation and sterilization to the nuances of color theory, and even the business aspects of operating a successful aesthetic practice. 

Continuous Education

Reimagine Clinic offers continuous education to their students with new and changing laws, information about banned products and machines, and so on and so forth. They provide their students with the latest information and technology to ensure that they are up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the beauty industry. Reimagine Clinic’s training programs are facilitated by seasoned and certified practitioners who are masters in their respective fields, providing hands-on training and classroom instruction. 

Why enroll in a training at reimagine clinic

Reimagine Clinic Facials Montreal

Knowledge is Key

The trainings is given by a master esthetician in order to make your learning process efficient . After the course, you will be able to treat clients directly and accumulate profit.

Reimagine Clinic Facials Montreal


Our courses are offered in English and French.

Reimagine Clinic Facials Montreal

Provided Material

All our trainings comes with the materials you need in order to offer this treatment to your clients. We tell you the suppliers you can reach out to.

Reimagine Clinic Facials Montreal

Live model

During your training, you will be able to practice on a live model to hone your skills.

Reimagine Clinic Facials Montreal

Completely certified

You will be able to get the insurance you require for this certificate with our trusted insurance partners.

Reimagine Clinic Facials Montreal

Manual and consent

A manual is given to you and as well as a consent form that you can modify to serve your business needs.

we’re here to answer all your questions

It depends which training it you have chosen, it can be 4 or 6 days. 

  • Permanent makeup machine
  • Permanent makeup machine needles
  • Disposable Blades
  • Microblading pen
  • 4×4 Gauze
  • Microbrushes 
  • 30ML Numbing Cream
  • Tina davies high quality pigments (For both level 1 and level 2 training)
  • Pigment rings
  • Pigment Cups
  • Microblading Pencils
  • Microblading mapping tools
  • Dental Bibs
  • Manual
  • Consent forms
  • On going support

This training has two modules!

The theory module and practice module where you will learn all there is about permanent makeup.

No pre-requisite is required, you can start your esthetician journey right away and still be insured with our insurance company. 

Yes, you can bring your own model like a family member or a friend but if you don’t have any models then we provide you with one.

Yes, you will need to make an initial payment of 500$ in order to book your spot and the remaining balance will be paid on the day of the training at the start of the session. 

We make sure that our students are comfortable and we are available for them if they have any questions. That is why we only take two students per training and no more. We maintain a quality based training in order to make sure our students are satisfied with their trainings. 

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