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Our skin absorbs dirt all day and we do not realize that we have to clean that dirt. We offer you a simple and fast extraction to clean dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads at our clinic in Montreal. 

Facial Extractions in Laval | Best Medical Spa Treatment | Reimagine Clinic
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Facial Extractions in Laval | Best Medical Spa Treatment | Reimagine Clinic

Blackhead extractions fast facts

  • Cost: Currently at 135$
  • Deep Cleaning: Provides thorough cleaning of clogged pores to remove oil and dirt.
  • Acne and Blackheads: Targets and removes blackheads, whiteheads, and helps in reducing acne.
  • Pore Appearance: Helps in reducing the appearance of enlarged pores.
  • Professional Supervision: Best performed by a licensed esthetician or dermatologist to avoid skin damage.
  • Post-Treatment Care: Essential to avoid infections; includes gentle skincare and sun protection.
  • Mild Discomfort: May involve mild pain or discomfort during the procedure.
  • Redness and Swelling: Common side effects post-procedure, usually subsiding within a few hours to a day.
  • Improved Skin Texture: Results in smoother, clearer skin with regular treatments.
  • Products Used: VivierSkinceuticalsZo skin health and Skinmedica.

Discover Facial Extractions at Reimagine Clinic: Your Pathway to Clearer Skin in Montreal

Welcome to Reimagine Clinic, where we blend expertise and personalized care to help you achieve clearer, healthier skin through facial extractions. Located in the heart of Montreal, we specialize in offering advanced skincare solutions designed to address various skin concerns and enhance your natural beauty.

Understanding Facial Extractions: What are They?

Facial extractions are a crucial component of skincare, focusing on the removal of impurities such as blackheads and whiteheads from the skin. They aid in unclogging pores, reducing acne, and promoting healthier, more radiant skin. At Reimagine Clinic, we emphasize the importance of understanding the types of blemishes suitable for extractions and seeking professional advice to ensure optimal results and prevent any potential damage to the skin.

When to Opt for DIY Facial Extractions

While the allure of DIY facial extractions is strong, it’s essential to know which blemishes can be safely handled at home. Extracting deep or painful pimples, like cysts, can lead to severe skin issues, including inflammation, infection, and scarring. It’s vital to recognize the risks involved and to approach DIY extractions with caution, focusing only on blemishes that are safe to handle without professional intervention.

Recognizing When to Seek Professional Help

Identifying when to seek professional help is key to maintaining healthy skin. Certain blemishes and skin conditions, due to their complexity and risk of complications, necessitate expert attention. Professionals at Reimagine Clinic are equipped with the knowledge and tools to perform extractions safely, minimizing the risks of scars, infections, and other skin issues, ensuring your skin receives the care it deserves.

Choosing the Right Professional for Facial Extractions 

When it comes to facial extractions in Montreal, choosing a qualified and experienced professional is crucial. Reimagine Clinic recommends seeking board-certified dermatologists or skilled aestheticians to ensure the safety and efficacy of the extraction procedure. With fees averaging around $80 for a facial from an aesthetician and around $200 for a dermatologist, investing in professional care is a step towards healthier, clearer skin.

Maintaining Clear Skin Post-Extraction

Post-extraction skincare is pivotal in maintaining the results and preventing future breakouts. Adhering to a skincare routine that includes regular moisturizing and exfoliating, along with the use of noncomedogenic products, can help keep your pores unclogged and your skin glowing. Embracing a healthy lifestyle and skincare regimen enhances the longevity of the extraction results, allowing you to enjoy radiant skin for longer.

Contact Reimagine Clinic for Expert Facial Extractions 

Discover the range of skincare solutions offered at Reimagine Clinic, designed to meet your unique needs and skin goals. Whether you are dealing with blackheads, whiteheads, or other skin concerns, our team of experts is here to provide personalized advice and treatment options. Reach out to us at 438-686-8460 or explore our facial services online for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Embark on your journey to radiant, clear skin with Reimagine Clinic! Call us at 438-686-8460 or book an appointment online to discover personalized facial extraction solutions tailored just for you!

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Reimagine Clinic stands out for its cutting-edge treatments, combining the latest medical advancements with personalized care to ensure the best outcomes for each patient. Their team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to employing innovative techniques and technologies, providing a unique blend of effective and efficient healthcare solutions. With a strong emphasis on holistic wellness and patient satisfaction, Reimagine Clinic consistently delivers superior treatment experiences that set them apart in the healthcare industry.

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Our estheticians at Reimagine Clinic in Montreal is renowned for being some of the best in the industry, thanks to her extensive and diverse training. They are a triple-certified professional, holding qualifications as an Esthetician, Advanced Esthetician, and Medical Esthetician, showcasing their wide-ranging expertise in skincare and beauty treatments. Their commitment to continuous learning and mastery in various esthetic disciplines makes them exceptionally skilled in providing personalized, top-tier care to every client.

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We offers a diverse array of treatments to cater to various beauty and medical needs. Our services include a range of facials, from classic care to specialized treatments like chemical peels, and advanced procedures for skin lesions. For those seeking cutting-edge solutions, we provide state-of-the-art laser treatments, along with expertly applied permanent makeup. Our body treatments are designed for relaxation and rejuvenation, while our lash and brow services ensure the perfect finishing touches to your look.

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Extractions refer to the process of clearing clogged or obstructed pores, also known as comedones, from the skin. There are two types of comedones: open, blackheads, and closed, whiteheads. Blackheads are sebum in the pores and are most common in the T-zone, while closed comedones are usually a result of bacteria buildup in the pore, which result in inflammation. Both open and closed comedones can happen in other areas of the face, depending on skin type and your skincare habits.”You know it’s time for extractions when the pores are congested, and you can see impurities or feel them under your skin. Typically, this is detected in acne-prone or oily skin types, but that doesn’t mean other skin types don’t need a thorough inspection and cleaning, as well.

The forehead, nose, cheek and chin are the easiest areas from which to remove buildup because they typically consist of blackheads, due to greater oil production. Blackheads live at the top of your pores, so they are less complicated to extract and don’t involve breaking the surface of the skin. Breakouts that are infected and have no opening won’t be extracted because the disturbance will worsen the infection.

The most crucial component to safe and effective extractions is proper skin prep. Steam must be used before the extraction process to heat the skin and melt the debris inside the pore down to the consistency of soft butter. Then, during the extraction, it’s important to keep the skin moist. After steaming, a thick moisturizer is often applied to retain the heat and make debris easier to remove. If the skin isn’t kept moist and warm, it will tighten up, and (the debris) will be hard to take out. 

Extractions will help give you a fresh looking skin but we can’t magically banish all bumps and pimples. It is the home care that really impacts the results of a facial. Those with oily skin need to avoid pore-clogging ingredients like mineral and coconut oil, which will reinfect the skin and lead to more open and closed comedones.

  1. Steam the face to open the pores
  2. Use blackhead vacuum machine all over the face
  3. LED light therapy to close the pores and help with the healing process

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