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Understanding Cellulite: Causes, Concerns, and Treatments at Reimagine Clinic in Montreal

Cellulite is a common, yet often misunderstood, skin condition that affects up to 90% of women at some point in their lives. It’s characterized by a dimpled, ‘orange peel’ or ‘cottage cheese’ appearance, most commonly on the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. Despite being completely natural and harmless, many people seek treatment for cellulite due to aesthetic concerns.

Causes of Cellulite

Cellulite occurs when fat deposits push through the connective tissue beneath the skin. While the exact cause is unknown, it’s believed to be related to a combination of factors including genetics, hormones, diet, lifestyle, and particularly the structure of fat and connective tissue in women’s skin. For more detailed information, you can refer to this comprehensive article by Mayo Clinic.

Cellulite Treatments at Reimagine Clinic

At Reimagine Clinic in Montreal, we understand the impact cellulite can have on your confidence. That’s why we offer a range of effective treatments tailored to your individual needs.

Non-Invasive Treatments that are populat

  1. Radiofrequency (RF) Therapy: This treatment uses energy to heat the skin and stimulate collagen production, which can reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  2. Lipo Cavitation: This treatment uses ultrasound to destroy fat cells and over time reduce fat and at the same time reduce the look of cellulites.

  3. Cryolipolysis (Not offered currently at Reimagine Clinic): Also known as ‘fat freezing’, this treatment targets fat cells, which are more susceptible to cold than other cells. Over time, these fat cells shrink, reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Minimally Invasive Treatments

  1. Cellfina (Not currently offered at Reimagine Clinic): This FDA-approved treatment targets the structural cause of cellulite by breaking up the tough bands within the underlying tissue.

  2. Carboxytherapy (Not currently offered at Reimagine clinic): This involves injecting small amounts of carbon dioxide gas into the skin, which can improve circulation, skin elasticity, and the appearance of cellulite.

Remember, it’s important to consult with a professional before deciding on a treatment. At Reimagine Clinic, we’re committed to helping you make the best choice for your body and your goals. Book a consultation with us today to start your journey towards smoother, healthier skin.

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Lipo Cavitation

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Cellulite is a skin condition where the skin appears dimpled or lumpy, often described as having an ‘orange peel’ or ‘cottage cheese’ texture. It’s most commonly found on the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen.

Cellulite occurs when fat deposits push through the connective tissue beneath the skin. Factors like genetics, hormones, diet, and lifestyle can influence its development.

No, cellulite is a completely natural and harmless condition. However, some people may choose to seek treatment for aesthetic reasons.

We offer a range of treatments including Radiofrequency (RF) Therapy, Cryolipolysis, Cellfina, and Carboxytherapy. Our experts can help you choose the best treatment for your individual needs.

Yes, all our treatments are FDA and health Canada approved and performed by trained professionals. We prioritize your safety and satisfaction.

The time to see results can vary depending on the type of treatment and individual factors. Generally, most patients see improvements within a few weeks to months.

You can book a consultation with us through our website or by calling our clinic directly. We look forward to helping you on your journey to smoother, healthier skin.

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