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A basic facial is a skin treatment that cleanses pores, exfoliates away dead skin cells, and treats common skin concerns with a custom mask. This multi-step process is meant to rejuvenate and nourish faces, making skin appear healthier and younger. It is also a popular spa treatment to pamper and relax, right up there with a massage.

Facials are the greatest of way of getting to your skincare goals. We work with you to achieve those goals no matter how long it takes, every treatment depends on the clients skin. It may take one client a few facials to get to there skincare goals and some others it may take them multiple months and different treatments to achieve those goals. 

In the comfort of our spa, you will enjoy a facial that will prepare you for any event. A free consultation is always available in case you need it. You can choose between the many facials we have, here are some of the most popular facials at Reimagine Clinic in Montreal.

Microneedling Facial Treatment in Laval and montreal


Microneedling is the wonder facial that gets rid of acne stars, wrinkles, pores and build a new skin layer. Reimagine Clinic offers the best microneedling treatment in Montreal.

dermaplaning montreal and life


Have you ever desired removing the peach fuzz that you have. Dermaplaning completely removes the first skin layer and provides a glowing skin.

chemical peel in montreal and laval

Chemical peel

A chemical peel is the perfect facial for pores because it diminishes them significantly. The results from a chemical are the best among the major facials. 

our procedure

facial procedure montreal and laval


We start our treatments by cleansing the skin to make sure it is clean and our products and tools can penetrate the skin appropriately.


Every treatment is detailed to our clients in order to give our clients the best results. We make sure to analyze your skin and provides you the best course of action.

exfoliate & SPF

We finish each treatment by exfoliating the skin and applying a thick layer of SPF to guarantee that you don't damage your skin on your way home.

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