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Our Microblading training offered in Montreal and Laval is guaranteed to offer 

A brand new set of brows to every single one of your clients. Offer a new service.

Expand your revenus today. 

Microblading course Montreal

Launch into a new career trajectory with our comprehensive Microblading Training at Reimagine Clinic. This is more than just a course; it’s a gateway to a brighter future. The training includes an additional lecture on Shading and a bonus premium kit. With 6 months of continuous online guidance, we ensure you’re consistently supported on your path to success as your business grows.

Unveiling Our Microblading Course

Our in-person microblading training in Montreal is an immersive workshop spanning two dynamic days, along with half a year of digital support. Engage in close collaboration with our seasoned team, obtaining in-depth directions and constructive feedback throughout the course. We address all fundamental theory, cater to diverse skin types, and offer opportunities to practice on live models under seasoned supervision.

This training isn’t a solo offering; it’s a 2-in-1 journey, empowering you to grasp the in-demand Shading method at no extra charge!

Course Summary:

  • Duration: Two action-packed days
  • Day 1 (10am-6pm): Comprehensive theory learning
  • Day 2 (10am-6pm): Practical application on latex and live models
  • Continuous education: 12 levels of training over a span of 6 months
  • Prerequisite: None

To learn more about the course details, please visit our training page.

What Skills Will You Gain?

Our microblading course is structured to build confidence in servicing clients’ skin post-training. Assurance stems from awareness and practice, and we make sure you become proficient in the microblading technique for long lasting, natural looking results. The training includes:

  • The most effective way to stretch the brow area
  • How to correctly handle and move the tool for smooth, subtle curve strokes
  • Drawing natural eyebrow shapes accurately with advanced equipment
  • Measuring eyebrow symmetry with our specialized app
  • Adopting the right posture for optimal microblading outcomes Brow
  • Stroke Pattern: A thorough grasp of every stroke in the eyebrow’s head, body, and tail
  • Understanding skin structure, natural regeneration, and specific considerations for oily skin

For a detailed curriculum, please visit our microblading training page.

We Will Facilitate Your Microblading Business Launch

Our course encapsulates wisdom from industry leaders in permanent makeup, aiming to assist you in kick-starting your rewarding career. You will cultivate:

The competence to create a business and run your business successfully Effective communication techniques to cultivate trust with your growing customer base Rigorous safety and sterilization standards in the microblading industry Strategies to potentially amplify your earnings exponentially A robust marketing plan for your products and services, becoming an integral part of the morning routine of your customers

You will be equipped with a strong customer service skillset to ensure the growth and success of your business. This is not just training; this is the beginning of your journey to success in the microblading industry.

  • The skills to create and run a flourishing business
  • Professional communication techniques to build trust with your clients
  • Safety and sterilization practices in the microblading industry
  • Methods to potentially boost your income tenfold

We are here to help you to start your business. 


  • Benefits of Microblading
  • Skin & Facial Anotamy
  • Facial Symmetry 
  • Fitzpatrick skin types and tones
  • Pigment and colour theory
  • Brow shaping
  • Blade selection and usage
  • Brow mapping
  • Stroke techniques
  • Indications and contraindications 
  • Consultations
  • Pre-treatment care 
  • Homecare and aftercare
  • Treatment interval 
  • Sterilization 
  • Treatment prices 
  • Client consent forms 
  • Treatment protocol 
  • Instructor demonstration 
  • Student application 
  • Marketing tips and tricks
  • On going support

Why enroll in a training at reimagine clinic

Reimagine clinic facials montreal

Knowledge is Key

The Microblading training is given by a master esthetician in order to make your learning process efficient . After the course, you will be able to treat clients directly and accumulate profit.

Reimagine clinic facials montreal


Our courses are offered in English and French.

Reimagine clinic facials montreal

Kit Included

All our trainings come with a kit, the choice to have a kit included is yours. You can do the training without purchasing a kit if you wanted to.

Reimagine clinic facials montreal

Live model

During your training, you will be able to practice on a live model to hone your skills for Microblading.

Reimagine clinic facials montreal

Completely certified

You will be able to get the insurance you require for this certificate with our trusted insurance partners.

Reimagine clinic facials montreal

Manual and consent

A manual is given to you and as well as a consent form that you can modify to serve your business needs.

potential earnings/revenus potential formation de beaute montreal


The training is over three weekends or 2 days of 6-8 hours each. After each module, the student will have homework to do at home in order for them to get familiar with their tools and their theories. Most of the course is concentrated of giving you practice and improve your skills.

  • Disposable Blades
  • Microblading pen
  • 4×4 Gauze
  • Microbrushes 
  • 30ML Numbing Cream
  • 3 high quality pigments 
  • Pigment rings
  • Pigment Cups
  • Microblading Pencils
  • Microblading mapping tools
  • Dental Bibs
  • Manual
  • Consent forms
  • On going support

This training has three modules!

The theory moules which are two parts and practice module where you will learn all there is about teeth whitening.

No pre-requisite is required, you can start your esthetician journey in the beauty world right away and still be insured with our insurance company. 

Yes, you can bring your own model like a family member or a friend but if you don’t have any models then we provide you with one.

Yes, you will need to make an initial payment of 300$ in order to book your spot and the remaining balance will be paid on the day of the training at the start of the session. 

We make sure that our students are comfortable and we are available for them if they have any questions. That is why we only take two students per training and no more. We maintain a quality based training in order to make sure you are satisfied with your training.

Total cost of course 2500$ (Kit included and 3 days training)
without the kit 1700$

beauty school training in laval and montreal

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