The history of microneedling

I think the first thing I always like to do when i’m inquiring about a new treatment is that I look at the history of that treatment and where it came from. For microneedling, the first recorded use of a microneedling procedure was in 1905 by German dermatologist Ernst Kromayer. He used various-sized dental burs powered by motor-driven flexible cord equipment to treat scars, birthmarks, and hyperpigmentation.

Microneedling as we think today was first used in 1995 by Dr. Desmond Fernandes in Philadelphia to treat wrinkles and scars with hypodermic needles. Around the same time, Dr. Fernandes developed a small needle stamp to induce collagen production.

With more research, microneedling was discovered to be successful in treating other skin conditions besides scars. Capitalizing on the body’s natural healing processes, a microneedling procedure induces collagen and elastin production to eliminate wrinkles and lines, smooth out the skin, and treat pigment issues and brown spots.

Microneedling today

Like in our clinic that offers microneedling and many other clinics as well. We see a trend of use for the microneedling pen for professional use the microneedling roller for personal use. In my own personal opinion I do not recommend the use of the roller as the puncture wounds are bigger than reimagine clinic’s professional microneedling pen.

So how does the procedure start?

The first and foremost important factor is to make sure that you do not have any previous skin conditions, very active acne, not under any medication such as accutane or blood thinners, pregnant, diabetic or condition that weakens one’s immune system.

Once our esthetician determines that you do not meet any of these criteria then we can start the procedure. At reimagine clinic, we like to start our microneedling session by numbing our clients. It eases the pain significantly, the numbing cream is left on the treated area for 10 minutes.

* Remove any makeup before applying the numbing cream

By using the microneedling pen, we go over the different areas of the face that needs to be treated. Micro tissue wounds are created and blood can surface because of it. This why this facial is also known as the vampire facial.

Vampire facial reimagine clinic

The micro tissue wounds allow the production of new collagen and boost elasticity in you skin. This will shrink wrinkles, reduce pore size, remove aging spots, reduce pigmentation, improve the overall tone of the skin and make the skin look much younger. Microneedling is a multi session procedure, this is not something that will happen with one session especially with someone that needs a lot of improvement.

At reimagine clinic in Laval, we like the finish the treatment with a gold boosting collagen mask or a hydro jelly mask. The purpose of these masks is to hydrate the skin and allow better penetration of skin care products. We also make sure that our clients leave the clinic with a protective sunscreen as any long exposure to the sun after the treatment can have dire consequence to your skin.


The cost for microneedling depends really on the clinic and location, we charge a 120$ currently on promo and our regular price is 170$. But the price mainly varies between 100$ to 500$ a session.

So should you do it?

Absolutely, microneedling at reimagine clinic has proven to give amazing results to our clients. Those that really want to improve the health of their skin see magnificent results even those that already have great skin to start with. This treatment is truly the gold standard for facials.

Great skin at reimagine clinic laval

For any questions, we will always be available to answer your questions by simply calling us, emailing us or sending us a message in one of our social media profile.

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