Have you ever thought about getting a microblading or already have it. However, you’re not satisfied with the results, colours or you want simply a different shape? Then microblading removal would be ideal for you rather than invasive treatment.

What is microblading removal?


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Microblading is a simple and efficient process. It simply requires a product with ingredients that penetrate the skin and dissolves the ink. Patches of ink will start forming after your first microblading removal session, that is quite normal. What we use is a saline solution used to lighten and remove permanent makeup pigment and small body tattoos, very efficient technique. The tool used to penetrate the skin can be a tattoo machine or a microneedling device. They will give out almost the same results.


How to prepare for your microblading removal session?

There isn’t anything you need to do in order to prepare for this treatment, however, alcohol is not recommended 48 hours before as it can cause unwanted bleeding and unnecessary pain.

How can I book my appointment? 

You can contact us by email, phone number or simply book the service by clicking one of our “Book now” button and head to the permanent makeup session then you will have an option for microblading removal.

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