Microblading removal

what is microblading removal?

The ingredients that make up our microblading Removal have strong penetration features. Once this product is applied to the skin it deeply penetrates the surrounding tissues as well. This specific tattoo removal tool is used in the same manner as when tattooing. We use a device to insert the ingredients inside the skin and it removes the microblading pigment. 

This formula, created for tattoo extraction, starts to take effect almost immediately after you apply it. Once the product has penetrated the depositing skin layer, it liquefies and draws the ink out. Once the procedure takes place you can expect to see a scab full of tattoo ink over the next few days. 

During the skin’s healing process you will start to see even more of that pesky tattoo ink start to get drawn out. Once the original scab peels off along with all the tattoo ink in it, you will most likely see a second scab with even more tattoo ink inside of it! The ink continuously being removed and ultimately remove the bad microblading you had. 


microblading removal montreal laval

The solution offered for microblading removal

Microblading removal and lightening solution for 149$ per session

microblading removal montreal laval

Our removal and lightening solution for microblading removal is a great way to remove the ink without the use of lasers or other invasive treatment. The treatment may take a couple of sessions with guaranteed removal results. 

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