Mesotherapy kissed lips & blushing training

learn all about the added meso kissed lips training and add an extra service to your bb glow clients

Meso kissed lips consists of using ampoules with different colours and adding a beautiful loop to your lips. They are perfect with people that already have a beautiful colour and wants to add a little bit more vibrance and it doesn’t lasts long like lip blush. Which is perfect if you simply one beautiful lips for a short period of time. 

mesotherapy kissed lips and blush diploma description

Meso Lip is part of a series of treatments originating from the technique of Mesotherapy. Specifically designed with you in mind, Meso Lip is a bespoke treatment that can be adapted to suit each individual to achieve the desired result. It enables volume increase to the body of the lip, which can’t be safely treated with other injectable filler treatments.

Semi-permanent Lip Tint is a gentle colouring pigmenting treatment using a Microneedle Therapy System, that emphasises the lip colour and gives the effect of full, beautifully highlighted lips! The product intensively moisturises, nourishes and regenerates the skin of the lips, making the lips silky smooth. This is an excellent alternative to permanent make-up if you are afraid of a very lasting effect and discomfort of the needle treatment.

Semi-permanent Lip Tint serum gives the lips a natural glowing colour gives the appearance of regular lipstick. The composition of the serum includes hyaluronic acid and collagen, which effectively moisturises the lips, as well as gives them visible volume.

Semi- permanent Lip Tint is considered a harmless, painless version of tattooing: it stays on the skin’s surface between 6 to 12 months.

Reimagine clinic offers this course to Estheticians, facial specialists, cosmetologists, and retailers. No prerequisites are required.


  • What is it and what effect does it give?
  • Anatomy of the Lips
  • The results
  • The pigments
  • Serums
  • Pre-treatment care
  • Protocol 
  • Healing & Aftercare
  • Contraindications 
  • Sanitization 
  • Marketing Tips
  • Notes
  • Consent form

Why enroll in a training at reimagine clinic

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Knowledge is Key

The mesotherapy kissed lips training is given by a master esthetician in order to make your learning process efficient . This an added extra course for BB glow only or it can be taken separately.

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Our courses are offered in English and French.

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Kit Included

All our trainings come with a kit, the choice to have a kit included is yours.

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Live model

During your training, you will be able to practice on a live model to hone your skills for a kissed lips treatment.

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Completely certified

You will be able to get the insurance you require for this certificate with our trusted insurance partners.

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Manual and consent

A manual is given to you and as well as a consent form that you can modify to serve your business needs.


The training is over one day of 6-8. The goal of this course is to complement the BB glow training and you can offer two treatments at the same time using the same techniques. 

The training has two module, a theory module and a practice module. 

The kit includes a full set of meso kissed lips and as well as the consent form and manual. Normally, the student would have already the microneedling device to perform the treatment. If you do not have the microneedle device and you simply want to take this treatment without adding it to another one then simply let us know and we can point you towards a distributor. 

No pre-requisite is required, you can start your esthetician journey in the beauty world right away and still be insured with our insurance company. 

Yes, you can bring your own model like a family member or a friend but if you don’t have any models then we provide you with one.

Yes, you will need to make an initial payment of 500$ in order to book your spot and the remaining balance will be paid on the day of the training at the start of the session. 

We make sure that our students are comfortable and we are available for them if they have any questions. That is why we only take two students per training and no more. We maintain a quality based training in order to make sure you are satisfied with your training.

Combined with any other training for 500$
1000$ (Kit and microneedling device)

Kissed Lips And Blushing Training

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